SMTP Transport Properties Dialog Box, Attachments Tab


In the SMTP Transport Properties dialog box, use the Attachments tab to configure the send port for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) adapter.

Use thisTo do this
Remaining BizTalk message partsSpecify how BizTalk message parts are attached to the e-mail message.


- Do not attach parts
- Attach only body part
- Attach all parts

Default value: Do not attach body parts.
AddSpecify a file or files to attach to the e-mail message. After clicking the Add button you can browse to select a file and add it to the list of files to be attached.

Maximum path length: 256 characters Note: We recommend as a best practice to specify a path on a file share that is accessible from all BizTalk servers in the BizTalk Server group to be used in production.
RemoveRemoves the selected file from the list of files to be attached to the e-mail message.

Restrictions on the SMTP To Property

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