BizTalk Editor Errors


This section provides supplemental information about compilation messages associated with BizTalk Editor. You can access this information using the F1 key when one of the relevant messages is selected in the Task List window in Microsoft Visual Studio. For conceptual and procedural information about BizTalk Editor, see Creating Schemas Using BizTalk Editor.

The following table shows the warnings, errors, and other information associated with BizTalk Editor for which supplemental information is available, organized by category.




               Body XPath Not A Descendent             

               Body XPath Not Valid             

               Distinguished Field XPath Not Found             

               Empty Target Namespace             

               Envelope Schema Needs Root Record Node             

               Field Data Type Mismatch             

               Promoted Field XPath Not Found             

               Record Body XPath Not Found             


               Cannot resolve schemaLocation attribute.             

               Create Instance Failure             

               Duplicate Distinguished Field Promotion             

               Duplicate Property Field Promotion             

               Input Instance File Missing             

               Input Instance File Not Valid             

               Nested Class Name Collision             

               Node Not Valid For Distinguished Field Promotion             

               Node Not Valid For Property Field Promotion             

               Output Instance File Not Valid             

               Promoted Property Max Occurs             

               Property Field Missing             

               Property Schema Field Data Type Not Valid             

               Property Schema Structure Not Valid             

               Root Node Class Name Not Valid             

               Root Node Duplicate Class Name             

               Schema Dependency Not Valid             

               Schema File Format Not Valid             

               Schema File Name Not Valid             

               Schema File Not In Build             

               Schema Root Reference Empty             

               Schema Root Reference Nonexistent             

               Type Name Not Valid             

               Unspecified Fatal Error             

               Validate Instance Failure             

               Validate Schema Failure             


               Create Native Instance             

               Create XML Instance             

               Validate Instance             

               Validate Instance Generated XML Output             

               Validate Schema             

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