Deployment Page


Use the Deployment page to provide project deployment information.

Use thisTo do this
Application NameSpecify the BizTalk application in which to deploy the assembly.
Configuration DatabaseSelect a Configuration database for deployment of your project. Note: The BizTalk Management database is also referred to as the BizTalk Configuration database.
ServerSelect a server from the drop-down list to select a location to deploy your BizTalk solution.
RedeploySelect True from the drop-down list to redeploy a configuration.

Default value: True

Type: Boolean
Install to Global Assembly CacheSelect True from the drop-down list to register the assembly in the global assembly cache (GAC).

Default value: True

Type: Boolean
Restart Host InstancesSpecifies whether to restart all BizTalk in-process host instances on the local machine. This can be useful when debugging.
Enable Unit TestingSpecifies whether to enable unit testing for the project. For more information see: Unit Testing with BizTalk Server Projects.

Project Designer: Deployment Tab

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