Delay Shape


The Delay shape enables you to control the timing of the progress of your orchestration. You can set a time-out on the Delay shape so that your orchestration pauses before resuming execution. You specify the time-out by using System.DateTime, which causes your orchestration to pause until the specified date or time is reached, or by using System.TimeSpan, which causes your orchestration to pause for the specified length of time.

For more information about System.DateTime and System.TimeSpan, see "DateTime Structure" and "TimeSpan Structure" in Microsoft Visual Studio Help.

Use thisTo do this
Delay propertySpecify a time-out using System.DateTime or System.TimeSpan in order to create a corresponding delay in your orchestration. For example, if you specify System.DateTime.UtcNow.AddSeconds (60), your orchestration will be idle for sixty seconds before proceeding.
Report to Analyst propertySelect True if you want to make this shape viewable in the Visual Business Analyst Tool.

How to Configure the Delay Shape

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