Exception Handling in the Business Process Management Solution

The business process management solution uses a special exception handling orchestration, as well as the standard BizTalk Server exception handling, and for adapter, pipeline, mapping, and routing failures, the new error reporting feature. This customized system is built around the ExceptionHandler orchestration. The solution uses the ExceptionHandler orchestration to retry an operation or to retry a call that might succeed after a transient problem.

You can re-use code from orchestrations, such as Activate, that use the ExceptionHandler orchestration. All of these orchestrations include a scope titled CallingCode with an attached Exception block. Replace the code in the CallingCode scope with your code. The Exception block defines all of the variables need to call the ExceptionHandler orchestration. Edit the values assigned to the variables.

The solution uses custom exceptions, and a couple pre-defined BizTalk exceptions, for cases where the error is unrecoverable such as a malformed order message.

The solution uses a custom adapter for handling failures on some ports. For more information about the adapter, see The Ops Adapter.

This section describes the ExceptionHandler orchestration and the custom exceptions. It also discusses, briefly, how the solution employs the error reporting product feature.

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