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Configuring the BizTalk Server Database Connection

You must set several ODBC variables before you can configure Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite. This section provides a basic overview of the database configuration process. You can also refer to the individual instructions for more database-specific information.

Two of the selections in the Driver Manager are System DNS and Connection Pooling.

  • System DNS: System DNS is used if you are running processes under separate users and are not necessarily the user who is installing and configuring BizTalk. You can use User DNS or System DNS depending on your computer setup. System DNS is the recommended way of defining the ODBC source.

  • Connection Pooling: Connection pooling is not required from the Driver Manager, as the Oracle database pools connections to the database. The maximum number of connections that the adapter uses is configurable per port using the Transport Properties window.

It is recommended that you use Test Connection wherever it is provided by the ODBC driver to verify the ODBC source connectivity to the database. If the ODBC source is not correctly set up, BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite cannot retrieve the metadata for the database.

After verifying you have the database client installed on your BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite computer, you can set the ODBC connection to a database.

The ODBC drivers provided by the database vendors are those which BizTalk Adapter for E-Business Suite has been tested against. BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite has not been tested against third-party ODBC drivers.

Follow these steps to set the ODBC connection to a database.

To set the ODBC connection to the database
  1. In Control Panel, open Administrative Tools.

  2. Click [ODBC] Data Sources.

  3. Click the System DSN tab, and then click Add.

    A list of data sources appears.

  4. Select Oracle in OraHome92, and then click Finish.

Follow these steps to complete the identification of your data source.

To identify the data source
  1. Open the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration panel.

  2. Enter the connection parameters, and then click OK.

  3. Click Test Connection to verify you can connect to the database.

  4. Click OK to exit.

You are now ready to use the Oracle database, through the BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite in your orchestrations using the Microsoft Adapter Wizard.

When you create an ODBC source, you must tell the driver which database to use. The list of table owners is retrieved from the database and is used to populate the top level of the browser. In Oracle, this is known as the list of schemas.

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