XSLT Encoding (Grid Property)

Use the XSLT Encoding property to specify the preferred character encoding that the parser should use to encode sequences of characters as sequences of bytes.

Custom Header

Value Description


Specifies that no value should be set for the encoding attribute of the <xsl:output> element.

Hard-coded encoding choices in drop-down list

The drop-down list includes many common encoding choices, such as UTF-8.

Other valid encoding choices

Any freeform values that you type here are unverified by BizTalk Mapper. You must ensure their validity.

If you type a value for this property, it is treated case-insensitively; it must contain only printable ASCII characters and be a registered character set, or begin with x-.

This property provides a value for the encoding attribute of the XSL output element. For more information about this attribute, refer to the .NET Framework documentation.

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