Policy Explorer


Use the Policy Explorer to manage policies and rules in the rule store. You can create, modify, and delete policies and rules, and you can test, publish, deploy, and undeploy policies.

Use the shortcut menu to access the following options.

Use thisTo do this
Add New PolicyCreate a new policy (rule set).
Add New VersionCreate a new empty version of the selected policy. You can copy rules from other versions and paste them into the new version.
Copy (Policy Version)Copy the selected policy version to the clipboard.
Copy (Rule)Copy the selected rule into the clipboard.
Cut (Rule)Copy the selected rule into the clipboard and delete it.
Paste (Policy Version)Paste a policy version and its contents into a selected policy.
Paste (Rule)Paste a rule into the selected policy version.
Delete (Policy Version)Delete the selected policy version.
Delete (Rule)Delete the selected rule.
DeleteDelete the selected policy and all its versions.
Add New RuleCreate a new rule in the selected policy version.
SaveSave any changes made to the selected version and its rules.
PublishPublish the selected policy version. Note that you cannot directly modify a published version. You can copy and paste it to a new version on the policy.
ReloadReload the selected policy version and its rules, with the option to discard any current changes made in that version and restore the contents from the rule store.
DeployDeploy a published policy version. You must deploy a policy version in order to make it available to rule-based applications.
UndeployUndeploy a policy version. Once a version is undeployed, it is no longer available to rule-based applications.
Test PolicyTest the selected policy version prior to deployment.

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