This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.Email Namespace

The Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.Email namespace contains types that support creating, reading, writing, and modifying e-mail message..

AttachmentThe Attachment type represents an attachment to a EmailMessage object.
AttachmentCollectionThe AttachmentCollection class represents a collection of Attachment objects.
BodyThe Body type represents the primary content of an e-mail message.
EmailMessageThe EmailMessage class represents an e-mail message.
EmailRecipientThe EmailRecipient type represents a single recipient of a EmailMessage class message.
EmailRecipientCollectionThe EmailRecipientCollection class represents a collection of EmailRecipient objects.

AttachmentCollection.EnumeratorThe AttachmentCollection.Enumerator structure provides properties and methods that enable the enumeration of an instance of the AttachmentCollection class.
EmailRecipientCollection.EnumeratorThe EmailRecipientCollection.Enumerator structure provides properties and methods that enable the enumeration of an instance of the RecipientCollection class.

AttachmentTypeThe AttachmentType enumeration indicates whether an attachment is displayed in line with message content.
BodyFormatThe BodyFormat enumeration specifies the format for the body of a message.
ImportanceThe Importance enumeration specifies the importance of a message.
MessageSecurityTypeThe MessageSecurityType enumeration specifies the security category for a message.
PriorityThe Priority enumeration specifies the priority of a message.
SensitivityThe Sensitivity enumeration specifies the sensitivity of a message.