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MapPoint North America 2006 SDK
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Work with menus and toolbars

You can use menus and toolbars to give MapPoint instructions about what you want to do.

The Route menu

A menu displays a list of commands. Some of the commands have images next to them so you can quickly associate the command with the related toolbar button. Most menus are located on the menu bar at the top of the MapPoint window; the Draw menu is located on the Drawing toolbar.

Context menu for a Pushpin

Shortcut menus are available when you right-click Pushpins, locations on the map, a route, objects on the map, or nearly any place in the program. These menus list shortcuts to common commands that you can perform on the item you clicked.

The Standard toolbar

A toolbar contains buttons that launch menus, wizards, commands, and tools that you can use to do tasks with MapPoint. MapPoint includes four built-in toolbars that you can show or hide as needed.

When you first open MapPoint, the Standard and Navigation toolbars are docked below the menu bar; the Drawing toolbar is docked on the bottom of the window; and the Location and Scale toolbar is docked at the top of the map pane.

Show or hide a toolbar

Move a toolbar