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MapPoint North America 2006 SDK
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Troubleshoot hyperlinks

If you formatted the hyperlinks in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to have Display Text that is different from the hyperlink address, Microsoft MapPoint doesn't recognize the text as a hyperlink. For example, if your hyperlink is displayed as Click Here in the column, it won't be recognized as a hyperlink. If you use Display Text in your source data, make sure it's the same as the hyperlink address.

If your data set is mapped as a Shaded Area map, demographic data map, territory, or if your data is aggregated to the map, you can't associate imported or linked hyperlinks. Instead, you can have MapPoint create hyperlinks for your data set.


Hyperlinks may appear on the Web page but not be functional for any of the following reasons:

The Include hyperlinks check box is not selected for the Web page. To check, open the map file from which the Web page was saved, and on the File menu, select Manage Saved Web Pages. Select the name of the Web page, and then click Edit. If the Include hyperlinks check box is not selected, select the check box, and then click OK.

The hyperlink is not associated with the Pushpin or data set. Check which hyperlinks are associated with the Pushpin or data set.


If you added multiple hyperlinks to a Pushpin balloon and then associated those hyperlinks with Pushpin balloon notes, only the first hyperlink is associated with the balloon.

Tip  To access all hyperlinks in a balloon, show the balloon before you save your map as a Web page. Select the Pushpin, and on the View menu, click Show Information.

Hyperlinks in balloons for points of interest, such as hotels or restaurants, are active only on the map in MapPoint; they cannot be saved to a Web page.