XML Validator Pipeline Component Properties


Use the XML validator pipeline component to verify the message against the specified schema or schemas. If the message does not conform to these schemas, the component raises an error and the message is placed in the suspended queue by the messaging engine.

The XML validator pipeline component is intended for use in any stage (except disassemble or assemble) in a Send or Receive pipeline.

The properties of the XML validator pipeline component can be set in the Properties window of Microsoft Visual Studio. To display the Properties window, select the component, right-click and select Properties, or press F4. The following table contains the configurable XML validator pipeline component properties.

Use thisTo do this
Document schemasIndicate the namespace and typename of the schema or schemas to be applied to the document. For more information, see How to Use the Schema Collection Property Editor. If no schemas are specified, the runtime schema discovery will use the message's target namespace and root element name information.

Default value: Empty collection (Collection)
Recoverable interchange processingIndicate whether to process messages within an interchange individually. For more information, see Recoverable Interchange Processing

Default Value: False

Using Pipeline Designer
How to Configure the XML Validator Pipeline Component
XML Validator Pipeline Component

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