<Map File> Property Page Dialog Box, Test Map Tab


Use the Test Map tab on the <Map File> Property Page dialog box to select files and file formats related to testing maps.

Use thisTo do this
Validate TestMap InputConfigure whether the input instance message being used to test the current map will be validated as conforming to its source schema prior to performing the mapping.
Validate TestMap OutputConfigure whether the output instance message that results from testing the current map will be validated as conforming to its destination schema after the mapping has been performed.
TestMap Input InstanceName the input instance message used to test the map.

Either type the path and name of the input instance message or use the ellipsis (...) button in this property value field to open the Select Input File dialog box, from which you can browse to the file you want.
TestMap InputSpecify whether BizTalk Mapper will automatically generate an input instance message for use in testing the map, or if using an existing instance message, as specified by TestMap Input Instance, the format of that message (XML versus Native).
TestMap OutputSpecify the format (XML versus Native) of the output instance message generated when testing a map.

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