Deploying BizTalk Applications


This section provides the following information about deploying BizTalk applications:

  • Exporting an application and its artifacts to a Windows Installer (.msi) file

  • Importing the .msi file into another BizTalk group to create the application and its artifacts in the new group

  • Installing the application on the computers that will run it

  • Installing BizTalk assemblies to the global assembly cache (GAC)

  • Monitoring the progress of the deployment and testing the application

  • Deploying an application to a business partner

  • Editing a binding file to customize the bindings for different deployment environments

For checklists of tasks that you need to perform in different application deployment scenarios, see BizTalk Application Deployment and Management Checklists. For background information on BizTalk applications and their deployment, see Understanding BizTalk Application Deployment and Management. For information about creating an application and modifying it by adding or removing artifacts or adding a reference to another application, see Creating and Modifying BizTalk Applications. For information about deploying BizTalk assemblies, see Deploying BizTalk Assemblies from Visual Studio into a BizTalk Application.

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