Batching is a serialized processing of a set of messages that allows for optimizations with respect to database round trips. A batch is a unit of work that is atomic; that is, it either all succeeds or all fails. If one operation in a batch succeeds but another operation fails, all the operations that make up the batch are invalidated and must be repeated.

BizTalk Server uses batching to:

  • Amortize the cost of the transaction across many messages.

  • Increase speed by reducing the internal number of database round trips.

  • Make more efficient use of the BizTalk Server thread pool by using the BizTalk Server Asynchronous API.

Batching is configured in the advanced properties for a receive location and is enabled automatically on the send port side.

You should lower the batch size if in the following instances:

  • When processing large messages

  • When database round trips are not your bottleneck

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

Be careful when changing the LargeMessageThreshold setting. The batch size multiplied by the average message size should be less than the LargeMessageThreshold setting unless the batch size is 1.

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