How to Add an Addendum to an Agreement

You use the Agreement template, Addendums tab to add addendums to an agreement. An agreement consists of multiple segments called addendums. The different addendums define what business process is used, your role, your partner’s role, and what policies or parameters are used in that relationship along with documentation such as business and legal terms.

Note the following requirement:

  • You must logon as a member of one of the following Windows user groups:

    • BizTalk BAS Managers

    • BizTalk BAS Administrators

    A systems administrator manages membership in the BAS user groups.

  1. In Internet Explorer, in the Address box, type the URL of the Business Activity Services site, and then press ENTER.

  2. On the Business Activity Services Site Home page, click Agreements.

  3. On the Agreements page, click the agreement to which you want to add an addendum.

  4. In the Agreement template, on the Addendums tab, do the following:

    Use this To do this

    Addendum Name

    Type a name for the addendum.

    Friendly Name

    Type an easy-to-remember name for the specified addendum.

    Addendum Terms

    Add terms for your agreement, for example, for a purchase order "Void after 30 days" for addendum

    Business Relationship Name

    Click the ellipse […] to open the Select Relationship dialog box. From the Select relationship list, select the role link type that implements the trading relationship electronically, and then click OK.


    Define the value of parameter that you want to use for this partner and this relationship. (Parameters are shown only if the underlying business process defines them)

    Parameter schemas are associated with RoleLinkTypes, not Orchestrations. Because of this, there may be Parameter schemas shown that are not used by the selected Orchestration.

    Before you submit (save) the agreement, you can add legal terms to the agreement. For information about adding legal terms to an agreement, see How to Add a Legal Term to an Agreement.

  5. Click Submit Agreement.

    The Agreement does not go into effect until a BAS Business Manager activates the agreement. For information about activating an agreement, see How to Activate an Agreement.

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