Imports Dialog Box

Imports Dialog Box


Use the Imports dialog box to add XSD import, include, or redefine directives to your schema, enabling it to use and redefine schema definitions from another XSD schema.

Use this

To do this

Import new schema as

Select the type of multischema XSD operation you want to perform: import, include, or redefine.


Open the BizTalk Type Picker dialog box so that you can select the schema to import, include, or redefine.

Delete schema button

Remove a previously imported, included, or redefined schema.

This button is unavailable for any automatically imported schemas, such as XMLSchema from

Edit namespace prefix button

Edit (in place) the automatically generated namespace prefix associated with any schema that you have imported, included, or redefined.

You can also edit the prefix by double-clicking the prefix entry.

Prefix column

Show the prefix associated with the corresponding namespace. For schemas that you import, include, or redefine, you can edit this prefix as described for .

Namespace column

Show the namespace URI associated with the corresponding schema.

Location column

Show the relative file location of the corresponding schema.

Import Type column

Show the type of multischema XSD operation associated with the corresponding schema for schemas that you import, include, or redefine.

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