Getting Started with BizTalk Adapter for PeopleSoft Enterprise


Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for PeopleSoft Enterprise enables you to use PeopleSoft objects. This section discusses setting up the adapter to access PeopleSoft-specific information. It also provides a general introduction to the PeopleSoft environment.

PeopleSoft is a system that contains PeopleSoft components, with their related tables and data formats for specific tasks, for example, Human Resources or Inventory Control. This documentation provides information about the following tasks:

  • Configuring the BizTalk Adapter for PeopleSoft Enterprise.

  • Customizing your PeopleSoft system to interact with the adapter.

  • Accessing Component Interfaces and use them in your orchestrations.

BizTalk Adapter for PeopleSoft Enterprise has been tested using the following PeopleSoft PeopleTools versions:

8.17.02, 8.43, and 8.45 — Component Interfaces

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