Generate Schemas Dialog Box


Use the Generate Schemas dialog box to generate an XSD-based BizTalk Server schema from one of the following input sources:

  • A valid XML-data reduced (XDR) schema.

  • A valid document type definition (DTD).

  • A well-formed XML instance message that the XSD schema will describe.

Use thisTo do this
Document typeSelect the type of input file from which the schema will be generated. The drop-down list contains three entries, one for each of the supported input sources.
Input file / BrowseType, paste, or browse for the name of the input file that matches your selection for the type of the input file.

The schema generation modules for DTDs and well-formed XML are not loaded by default, as indicated by the string "(Not loaded)" appended to the relevant drop-down list selections. You must run the scripts InstallDTD.vbs and/or InstallWFX.vbs to load the DTD and well-formed XML schema generation modules, respectively. These scripts are in the following folder:

<InstallationPath>\SDK\Utilities\Schema Generator

How to Migrate XDR Schemas to XSD Schemas

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