Generate Schemas Dialog Box

Generate Schemas Dialog Box


Use the Generate Schemas dialog box to generate an XSD-based BizTalk Server schema from one of the following input sources:

  • A valid XML-data reduced (XDR) schema.

  • A valid document type definition (DTD).

  • A well-formed XML instance message that the XSD schema will describe.

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Document type

Select the type of input file from which the schema will be generated. The drop-down list contains three entries, one for each of the supported input sources.

Input file / Browse

Type, paste, or browse for the name of the input file that matches your selection for the type of the input file.

The schema generation modules for DTDs and well-formed XML are not loaded by default, as indicated by the string "(Not loaded)" appended to the relevant drop-down list selections. You must run the scripts InstallDTD.vbs and/or InstallWFX.vbs to load the DTD and well-formed XML schema generation modules, respectively. These scripts are in the following folder:

<InstallationPath>\SDK\Utilities\Schema Generator

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