SOAP Transport Properties Dialog Box


Use the SOAP Transport Properties dialog box to configure the receive location for the SOAP adapter.

Use thisTo do this
Virtual directory plus Web Service .asmx fileIndicate the .asmx file created by the BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard.

The format of this message follows this example:


where the full location of the .asmx file is http://localhost/PurchaseOrder/POOrchestration.asmx.
Public addressSpecify the fully qualified URI for this receive location. The value for this property is a combination of the server name and the virtual directory.
Use Single Sign-OnIndicate that the SOAP adapter uses Enterprise Single Sign-On. Note: The BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard allows you to use Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Single Sign-On; this property only enables Enterprise Single Sign-On.

How to Configure a SOAP Receive Location

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