Options Dialog Box, BizTalk Mapper Section


Use the BizTalk Mapper section (folder) of the Microsoft Visual Studio Options dialog box to configure the font and colors associated with different types of objects in the BizTalk Mapper grid, including various types of links, selected objects, and the grid itself.

Use thisTo do this
Selected ObjectsConfigure the color of the eight squares around a selected functoid and the color of selected links.
Partial LinksConfigure the color of partial links, which are links that exist for a field or record whose parent record is collapsed.
Fixed LinksConfigure the color of fixed links, which are simple value-copy links in a map grid page.
Compiler LinksConfigure the color of compiler links, which are the compiler directive links. They are links that are automatically created when a link is set from a field in the source schema tree to a field in the destination schema tree.
Elastic LinksConfigure the color of elastic links, which are simple value-copy links that are dragged from the source schema tree to the destination schema tree. Once the link is made, the color of the link changes to the defined color for fixed links.
Compiler WarningsConfigure the color used in BizTalk Mapper views (the grid and/or schema tree views) to indicate the source of a particular compiler warning or error.

When you double-click a warning or error in the Task window, BizTalk Mapper attempts to identify the offending link, functoid, etc., with a border in this color.
Grid ForegroundConfigure the color of the dashed lines in map grid pages.
Grid BackgroundConfigure the color of the background in map grid pages.
FontConfigure the font used in the views in the main editing window.

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