The BAM portal page is laid out in the following three frames:

  • Banner

  • My Views

  • Content

The Banner is located in the frame across the top of the portal page. The banner frame contains branding information such as the company name and logo, links to Help for that page of the user interface (UI), and page titles. You can customize the branding to conform to your organization's needs.

The My Views frame is on the left side of the portal page. My Views shows users all views for which they have been granted permissions. Users can expand any view to see the features available to them for that view. If there are no views shown, then either views have not been created, a task typically performed by a business analyst, or permissions have not been granted to the user, a task typically performed by an administrator.

Each view has three tasks that you can perform within the view:

  • Activity Search: Allows you to create queries and alerts based on an activity.

  • Aggregations: Allows you to view aggregate data and create alerts based on totals in the corresponding PivotTable report.

  • Alert Manager: Allows you to create, edit, view, and subscribe to alerts.

    System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

    When selecting the Alert Manager from the My Views frame you can only edit an existing alert. To create new alerts you must go to the Alerts Manager page from within the Activity Search or Aggregations page.

The Content frame is on the right side of the portal page. The content frame contains the information presented by each of the My View tasks (Activity Search, Aggregations, and Alert Management). As you select a task, the content frame changes to reflect the functions associated with that task.

Activity Status Portal Help
Aggregation Viewer
Alert Manager

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