Choose Toolbox Items Dialog Box, BizTalk Mapper Functoids Tab


Use the BizTalk Mapper Functoids tab on the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box to add new functoids to one or more of the functoid category tabs in the Microsoft Visual Studio toolbox, or to restore the original set of functoids.

Use thisTo do this
BrowseOpen the Browse for Functoid Assembly dialog box in which you can locate the assembly that contains the custom functoid(s) to be added. Note: The functoid category to which a custom functoid is added is determined within the functoid code itself.
ResetRestore the functoid category tabs to the following set of functoids:

- Those included with Microsoft BizTalk Server.
- Those in assemblies in the folder:
<Install Dir>/Developer Tools/Mapper

You will be prompted before all custom Toolbox items are removed.
Name column and check boxes associated with each functoidSelect which functoids to display in the functoid category tabs of the Toolbox. By default, all functoids included with BizTalk Server are selected.
Directory columnExamine the namespace of the base functoids, or the folder in which the assembly for a particular supplemental functoid is located.

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