Port Configuration Wizard


The Port Configuration Wizard enables you to configure all of the details associated with a port, including port type, pattern of communication, access restrictions, communication direction, and binding information.

Use thisTo do this
Communication patternSelect One-Way to specify that messages will always move in a single direction through this port, or select Request-Response if the port will be used for a request-response combination.
Access restrictionsSelect the scope within which this port is accessible.
Port direction of communicationFrom the drop-down list, specify that this port will send messages, receive them, or, in the case of a request-response combination, first send and then receive, or first receive and then send.
Port binding: Specify laterDefer configuration of this port; in this case, it will be configured at deployment time.
Port binding: Specify nowType a URI to which the port will be bound. From the Transport drop-down list, select a transport type. From the available pipeline drop-down list, select a pipeline for the port.
Port binding: DirectUse the radio buttons to specify that this port will communicate directly with another port, will be self-correlating, or will use filter expressions to subscribe to incoming messages.

How to Run the Port Configuration Wizard

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