BizTalk Mapper Errors


This section provides supplemental information about compilation messages associated with BizTalk Mapper. You can access this information using the F1 key when one of the relevant messages is selected in the Task List window in Microsoft Visual Studio. For conceptual and procedural information for BizTalk Mapper, see Creating Maps Using BizTalk Mapper.

The following table shows the warnings, errors, and other information associated with BizTalk Mapper for which supplemental information is available, organized by category.

WarningCustom Extension XML But No Custom XSLT

 Custom XSLT but No Custom Extension XML

 Inline Script

 Using Custom XSLT and Extension XML
ErrorChildren of Mass Copy Functoid Generate Code

 Children of XSLT Scripting Functoid Generate Code

 Could Generate Multiple Choice Children

 Could Generate Multiple Equivalent Children

 Exception Caught

 External Assembly for Scripting Functoid Cannot Be Invoked

 Failed Write Extension XML File

 Failed Write Native to XML

 Failed Write XSLT File

 First Input to Index Functoid Not Valid

 First Input to Table Extractor Functoid Not Valid

 First Input to Table Looping Functoid Not Valid

 First Input to Value Extractor Functoid Not Valid

 Functoid Fixed Input Mismatch

 Functoid Has No Input

 Functoid Has No Output

 Functoid Variable Input Mismatch

 Generic Generate XML Instance

 Generic Input Validation

 Generic Native Parsing

 Generic Native Serialization

 Generic Output Validation

 Index Functoid Has Negative Index

 Index Functoid Has No Index

 Index Functoid Has Too Many Indexes

 Inline Script

 Input Count for XSLT Call Template Scripting Functoid Not Valid

 Input File Does Not Exist

 Input for Mass Copy Functoid Not Valid

 Input Parameter Count for Table Looping Functoid Not Valid

 Input Validation

 Inputs to Cumulative Functoid from Different Parent Records

 Link Option Conflict

 Map Needs to be Migrated

 Map Without Any Links or Constants

 Multiple Equivalent Node Same Target

 Multiple Inputs Without Looping

 Multiple Loop Paths

 Native Input File Does Not Exist

 Native Parsing

 Native Serialization

 No Assembly for Scripting Functoid

 No Class for Scripting Functoid

 No Method for Scripting Functoid

 No Script Type for Scripting Functoid

 Output Link For XSLT Scripting Functoid Not Valid

 Output Validation

 Required Field Has No Input

 Required Target Has Choice Node Source

 Required Target with Optional Source

 Second Input for Table Extractor Functoid Not Valid

 Second Input for Table Looping Functoid Not Valid

 Second Input to Cumulative Functoid Not Valid

 Table Looping Data Not Valid

 Table Looping Functoid Without Link to Destination Schema

 Test Map Failure

 Test Map Inputs Not Valid

 Third and Fourth Parameters of the Database Lookup Functoid Must Be Constants

 Too Many Data Inputs to Node

 Too Many Logical Inputs to Node

 Unreferenced Destination Schema

 Unreferenced Source Schema

 XML Input File Does Not Exist

 XSL Transformation Failure
Information and SuccessDisplay XSLT File

 Display Extension XML File

 Using Custom Extension XML

 Test Map

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