Business Activity Monitoring (BizTalk Server Samples Folder)


Microsoft BizTalk Server includes several Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) samples in its software development kit (SDK). This section provides detailed information about the functionality demonstrated by each BAM sample, instructions for building and running the sample, and the results you can expect.

  • BAM API (BizTalk Server Sample). Demonstrates how:

    • A business analyst defines interesting data using a wizard, examines aggregations, and queries activity data.

    • An information technology (IT) administrator creates SQL, Data Transformation Services (DTS), and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) infrastructure.

    • A developer instruments the business implementation.

  • BAM End-to-End (BizTalk Server Sample). Demonstrates how to correlate events from multiple components using BAM.

  • BAM API from an Orchestration Expression (BizTalk Server Sample). Demonstrates how to:

    • Use the BAM API from a BizTalk Server orchestration.

    • Track repetitive items inside a message as separate activity instances.

    • Establish a relationship between BAM data tracked from an orchestration using a tracking profile and data tracked from the API.

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