Using the Adapter Framework Tools


The BizTalk Adapter Framework uses the following tools and views to manage and develop custom adapters:

  • BizTalk Server Administration console. This is an independent application available from the Start menu. It is used to manage almost everything about your BizTalk Server installations. It allows you to install new adapters; manage their associated receive and send handlers; and manage ports, assemblies, and orchestrations.

  • Add Adapter Metadata Wizard. This wizard is available from within a BizTalk project in Microsoft Visual Studio. It is available by right-clicking the project name in the Solution Explorer window in Visual Studio, and then clicking Add Generated Items. The Add Adapter Metadata Wizard is available for developers that want to communicate with application adapters. Use this wizard to pull schemas corresponding to these application adapters into your project.

  • Adapter property pages. These are available through the BizTalk Server Administration console. Use these pages to configure receive handlers, receive locations, send handlers, and send ports for your adapter.

What Is the Adapter Framework?

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