Receive Shape


Use the Receive shape to receive a message from a port. You can use it to start an orchestration by setting the Activate property to True, so that a message matching criteria specified in a filter expression will be received and the orchestration instance will execute. You can apply a correlation set to ensure that you correctly receive messages that correspond to a given instance of your orchestration.

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Activate propertySpecify whether this is an activation receive by selecting True or False. If True, the Receive shape must be the first action in the orchestration. If False, your orchestration must be called by another orchestration in order to run. Note: Each orchestration must have at least one Receive shape with the Activate property set to True.
Filter Expression propertySpecify an expression to test properties on the incoming message to decide whether to process it.
Initializing Correlation Sets propertyFrom the drop-down list, select the correlation sets which will be initialized by the values in the sent message.
Following Correlation Sets propertyFrom the drop-down list, select already-initialized correlation sets.
Message propertyFrom the drop-down list, select the message to be received.
Operation propertyFrom the drop-down list, select the operation in which to receive the message.
Report to Analyst propertySelect True if you want to make this shape viewable in the Visual Business Analyst Tool.

How to Configure the Receive Shape

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