Create New Affiliate Application Wizard: Options


Specify options for the new Affiliate Application.

Use this

To do this


The status (enabled/disabled) of this affiliate application.

Allow Windows initiated SSO

Select if Windows initiated Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) is allowed. Default is selected.

Disable credential cache

The SSO server stores credentials in a cache to expedite access. Default is not selected.

Tickets allowed

Determines whether the SSO system uses tickets for this affiliate application. You must be an SSO administrator to select this option.

Validate tickets

Determines whether the SSO system validates tickets when the user redeems them. You must be an SSO Administrator to select this option.

Timeout tickets

Determines whether tickets have an expiration time. Default is checked. Unless it is required, do not disable ticket time-outs. You must be an SSO Administrator to set this option.

Ticket timeout (in minutes)

Specifies a ticket time-out specific to the affiliate application. If ticketing is enabled for this application and this property is not, the time-out specified at the SSO System (Global) level is used. You must be an SSO Administrator to set this option.

Allow host initiated SSO

Select this if Host initiated SSO is allowed. Default is not selected.

Verify external credentials

Select to verify external credentials.

Direct Password Sync from Windows

Select to allow Direct Password Sync for this application.

Application users cannot create mappings

Increases system security by allowing only administrators to create mappings.

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