MQSeries Transport Properties Dialog Box, Send
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MQSeries Transport Properties Dialog Box, Send


Use the MQSeries Transport Properties dialog box to configure send port for the MQSeries adapter.

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Fragmentation Size

Sets the message chunk size in KB for messages as they are sent between the adapter and MQSAgent.

SSO Affiliate Application

Sets the Single Sign-On (SSO) affiliate application. The user ID and password from SSO are used for the MQMD_UserIdentifier, and the MQIIH_Authenticator (or MQCIH_Authenticator) property, respectively.

Default: Blank

Data Conversion

Converts the message to the ANSI code page of MQSeries for Windows Server.

Select Yes to perform this conversion from Unicode to ANSI.

Default: No


Sets MQSeries to maintain the order of messages as they are sent to the MQSeries queue.

Select Yes to maintain message order.


You must set the Delivery Notification property in your orchestration to Transmitted for the send port.

Default: No

Queue Definition

Populated with information from the Queue Definition dialog box or directly in the field.

Segmentation Allowed

Uses MQSeries Queue Manager segmentation if an individual message exceeds the MQSeries queue maximum message length. If you select Yes, MQSeries puts segmented messages into the queue.

Default: No

Transaction Supported

The adapter begins a Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) transaction between BizTalk Server and MQSeries server. When set to No, there is no guarantee of message delivery.

Default: Yes

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