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How to Develop Interdependent Orchestrations

[Unless specifically noted, the content in this topic applies to BizTalk Server 2013 and 2013 R2.]

You can use Visual Studio to develop a set of orchestrations that have interdependent Web services. This scenario arises when you have orchestrations that reference data types and/or ports in the orchestration from which they were called. An example of this type of scenario is characterized by the following:

  • You have two or more orchestrations.

  • The first orchestration (Orch1) calls the second orchestration (Orch2) with a one-way Web service call.

  • Orch2 responds back to Orch1 with a Web service call.

For one example of this type of project, see Tutorial 2: Purchase Order Process.

To develop two interdependent orchestrations Orch1 and Orch2

  1. Using Visual Studio, create a partial version of the Orch1 that has a receive port which will be exposed as a Web service.

  2. Compile Orch1.

  3. Run the Web Services Publishing Wizard and publish the port.

  4. Using Visual Studio, create and complete all of Orch2, consuming Orch1's web service.

  5. Compile Orch2.

  6. Run the Web Services Publishing Wizard and publish the port(s).

  7. Complete Orch1, consuming Orch2's web service(s) as needed.

  8. Recompile Orch1.

  9. Deploy Orch1 and Orch2.

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