Choose Toolbox Items Dialog Box, BizTalk Pipeline Components Tab


Use the BizTalk Pipeline Components tab on the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box to add new pipeline components to the Microsoft Visual Studio toolbox, or to restore the original set of pipeline components.

Use thisTo do this
NameSelect the pipeline components to appear on the Toolbox.
Assembly/LibrarySelect the assembly/library to appear on the Toolbox.
PathDisplays the full path to the assembly/library.
ManagedSpecifies whether the assembly/library is managed code.
BrowseBrowse to locate a new pipeline component assembly to add. Note: Any assembly you load must be on a local path, including any assembly that may be referenced.
ResetRestore the pipeline component category tabs to the set of pipeline components included with BizTalk Server (contained in the \Pipeline Components folder). Note: Custom COM components are not removed from the pipeline component category tabs.

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