Deprecated Features, Tools, and APIs

The following features and API's are deprecated in BizTalk Server 2006. Deprecated features should not be used in new applications. For a list of changed features and tools, see Changed Features and Tools.

Feature Comment


MSMQT Adapter is fully supported in BizTalk 2006, but it is unlikely to be the part of the next version of BizTalk due to the strategic changes in the technology. MSMQ transport is expected to be fully supported going forward through other venues like MSMQ Adapter available since BizTalk Server 2004.

MSMQt in BizTalk Server 2006 does not support recoverable interchange processing and routing of failed messages.

Human Workflow Services (HWS)

HWS is fully supported with no feature enhancements in BizTalk Server 2006 but is planned for removal in future versions. You should use Workflow Foundation. For more information, see How to Configure a Workflow Foundation Application for Interception.

Base EDI Adapter

The Base EDI adapter has been deprecated in BizTalk Server 2006 R2. The Base EDI adapter can be used in upgrade scenarios, but for new installations of BizTalk Server 2006 R2, use the native EDI and AS2 functionality. For more information, see BizTalk Server 2006 R2 EDI and AS2 Processing.

Web Services Enhancements adapter (WSE)

Web Services Enhancements adapter (WSE) is planned for removal in future versions. As an alternative, you should now use one of the WCF adapters instead. For more information, see WCF Adapters.

Business Activity Services (BAS)

Business Activity Services and the Base EDI adapter are planned for removal in future versions of BizTalk Server. Use the new EDI and AS/2 features, including the Partner Agreement Manager, in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 instead. For more information, see the BizTalk Server 2006 R2 EDI and AS2 Tutorials section.

HAT OLAP cubes

HAT OLAP cubes have been deprecated in BizTalk Server 2006. This functionality is not supported in SQL Server 2005.

BizTalk Server 2006 management pack

The BizTalk Server 2006 management pack is not supported for use with BizTalk Server 2006 R2. A BizTalk Server 2006 R2-compatible management pack will be available at a later time.

BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA

In prior releases of BizTalk Server, the BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA provided the tools necessary to achieve HIPAA transactional compliance through open standards-based communication and system interoperability. In BizTalk Server 2006 R2, the full functionality provided by the BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA has been incorporated into the new EDI feature set.

For more information, see EDI Support in BizTalk Server 2006 R2.

API Comment

DelayedSpCall Class

In BizTalk Server 2004, Human Workflow Services (HWS), HAT, and the Rules Engine use the DelayedSpCall object.

ReceivePort.SendPipeline Property

In BizTalk Server 2004, the SendPipeline property gets or sets the send pipeline used to send a response if this is a two way receive port. In BizTalk Server 2006, the SendPipeline property for two-way ports is now configured on each Receive Location allowing the flexibility to have a different pipeline per Receive Location.

For backwards compatibility the SendPipeline may still be set on the Receive Port using APIs, however this will overwrite the settings on all Receive Locations belonging to that port.

Tool Comment

The BizTalk Deployment Wizard

In BizTalk Server 2004, the BizTalk Deployment Wizard is a graphical user interface that assists you in deploying or removing assemblies to/from a BizTalk Management database, installs or uninstall assemblies in the GAC, and imports or exports bindings to/from binding files. In BizTalk Server 2006, this tool has been replaced with the Import and Export Wizards. For more information, see Deploying and Managing BizTalk Applications.

The BizTalk Management database is also referred to as the BizTalk Configuration database.

How to Use BTSDeploy (Deprecated)

In BizTalk Server 2004, the BTSDeploy command line tool was used to deploy and remove BizTalk Server assemblies and to import and export bindings. In BizTalk Server 2006, this tool has been replaced with the BTSTask command line tool. You should use BTSTask in new scripts, and convert your old scripts to utilize BTSTask as BTSDeploy may be removed in subsequent versions of BizTalk Server. For more information on BTSTask, see Application Deployment Command-Line Reference.

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