Party Resolution Pipeline Component Properties


Use the Party resolution pipeline component to map the sender certificate or the sender security ID (SID) to the corresponding SourcePartyID.

The Party resolution pipeline component is intended for use in the ResolveParty stage of a Receive pipeline.

The properties of the Party resolution pipeline component can be set in the Properties window of Microsoft Visual Studio. To display the Properties window, select the component, right-click and select Properties, or press F4. The following table contains the configurable Party resolution pipeline component properties.

Use thisTo do this
Resolve party by certificateSet this property to True if you want to enable party resolution based on the subject of the client's certificate of the party from where the messages are received.

Default Value: True
Resolve party by SIDSet this property to True if you want to enable party resolution based on the security ID of the sender account.

If both properties are set to True, then the Resolve Party by Certificate property takes precedence over Resolve party by SID property, meaning that if both the certificate and the SID are available, then certificate subject is used. If the party cannot be resolved using the certificate subject, the process falls back to the resolution based on the SID.

Default Value: True

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How to Configure the Party Resolution Pipeline Component
Party Resolution Pipeline Component

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