How to Configure the Terminate Shape


The Terminate shape is used to end an orchestration instance. You can specify a message string to accompany the shape when viewed in the output from the Group Hub page.

If you place a Terminate shape inside a Parallel Actions shape, and the branch with the Terminate on it is run, the instance completes immediately, regardless of whether other branches have finished running. Depending on your design, results might be unpredictable in this case.

If a Terminate shape is encountered in an orchestration that has been called synchronously (as with the as with the Call shape) by another orchestration, the nested instance and all enclosing orchestration instances will be terminated.

  • You can use the Error Message property to specify text that you want to associate with the shape when viewed in the query output on the Group Hub page. This text may be a literal string, or an expression that evaluates to a System.String.

    If you enter a literal string, you must enclose it in quotation marks.

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