Database Definition Page


Use the Database Definition page to specify a definition for a database table or a database table column.

Use thisTo do this
Definition nameType a definition name that is unique within the vocabulary version.
Definition descriptionType a description for the definition.
Instance IDSpecify the instance identifier of the database and column, so that you can distinguish two or more rows from the same table and data set in a rule definition.
Data typeSelect the .NET type for the definition from the drop-down list.
Display nameSpecify a name for the vocabulary definition for display in rule definitions.
Perform "Set" OperationSpecify that the definition is used as an action to assign a value to the database table column.
Perform "Get" OperationSpecify that the definition is used as a function to retrieve a value from the database table column.
DatasetType the fact type of the database table. The default is the database name. Use unique names for your data sets when defining rules that compare data from distinct tables with the same schema.
Binding typeSelect the database binding type from the drop-down list. Use Data connection on a single table to optimize retrieval; the engine will create a SQL query at runtime. Use Data table/data row if your binding applies to multiple queries; the application must prepopulate the table or row before it executes the policy.

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