Import MSI Wizard, Results Page


This is the final page of the Import Wizard. If the import operation was successful, this page provides the option to install the application on the local computer. It is not necessary to install the application on this computer, unless you plan to run the application on it. Before the application can begin functioning, however, you must install the application on the computers that will run it and also start the application from within the BizTalk Administration console.

You can install the application now by using the Import Wizard, or at a later time by double-clicking the .msi file on the local computer. To install the application now, select the Run the Application Installation Wizard to install the application on the local computer check box, click Finish, and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the import was unsuccessful, the page displays the location of the log file for the import operation. You can check this file for information that will help you troubleshoot the problem. After checking the log file or noting its location, click Finish to roll back the actions that were taken by the Import Wizard.

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