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How to Remove an Artifact from an Application

[Unless specifically noted, the content in this topic applies to BizTalk Server 2013 and 2013 R2.]

Removing or deleting an artifact deletes it from the BizTalk Server databases, so that it no longer appears in the administration console or in the list of artifacts for an application generated by the BTSTask ListApp command. It does not remove the artifact from the Windows Registry, the global assembly cache (GAC), a virtual directory, or the file system, if it exists in any of these locations. In the case of send ports, send port groups, receive ports, and receive locations, which exist only in the BizTalk Management database, this operation deletes the artifact entirely. For background information, see What Happens When Artifacts Are Added and Removed

Removing or deleting an artifact can have different effects on the functioning of an application, depending on the artifact type. For more information and instructions on removing or deleting a particular type of artifact, see the appropriate topic, as follows:

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