Body XPath Dialog Box


Use the Body XPath dialog box to provide the XPath to the body of the message associated with enveloped instance messages governed by this schema. The specified XPath indicates the node that serves as the root of the contents (body) of the envelope. Although this content is generally the instance message itself, it can also be a nested envelope.

The Body XPath property can only be set using this dialog box when the Envelope property of the Schema node is set to Yes, indicating that this schema describes an envelope.

Use thisTo do this
Expandable subset of the schema treeExpand as necessary to select the node that represents the root node of the document body. The displayed tree is the subset of the schema tree that begins with the root Record node for which the Body XPath property is being set, and includes all of its descendants.
Edit boxSpecify the XPath that will be set as the value of the Body XPath property if you click OK. You can specify this XPath by:

- Selecting a node in the expandable subset of the schema tree (recommended).
- Typing a custom XPath into the edit box Note: Use caution when manually entering an XPath; its syntax makes it prone to errors.

Envelope Schemas
Envelope (Node Property of All Schemas)

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