Configuration Wizard, Overview Page


Use the Overview Screen page to view a high-level analysis on the configuration state of the features you have installed on the local computer. Only the features you have installed on this computer will have tabs on the left side.

Use thisTo do this
FileFrom the File menu you can import an existing configuration file, export the current configuration file, or exit the BizTalk Server Configuration Wizard.
ActionsFrom the Actions menu you can apply the current configuration, reset the last configuration, unconfigure features, or restart the configuration in Default Configuration mode.
ViewFrom the View menu you can view an aggregated listing of Databases and Service Accounts used in the current configuration.
HelpFrom the Help menu you can launch Help for BizTalk Server , provide customer feedback or configure Microsoft Update options.
Apply ConfigurationSelect Apply Configuration to commit the configured state of BizTalk Server.
Import ConfigurationSelect Import Configuration to import an existing configuration XML file. Caution: Importing configuration will result in all changes made to the data to be lost.
Export ConfigurationSelect Export Configuration to export the current state of your BizTalk server to a configuration XML file.
Unconfigure FeaturesClick Unconfigure Features to specify features you want to unconfigure.

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