Best Practices for Managing Windows Groups and User Accounts

This section contains best practices and tips for managing security for Windows groups and user accounts.

  • Use service accounts with minimum privileges necessary for host instances

    To help ensure the security of your BizTalk Server environment, we recommend that you use service accounts with the minimum privileges necessary to run host instances. For more information about the minimum privileges that service accounts require, see Access Control and Data Security.

  • Use different user groups for authentication trusted and non-trusted hosts

    To ensure that non-authentication trusted hosts have fewer privileges than authentication trusted hosts, you must use different service accounts for each host.

  • Use a different user group for each BizTalk Host

    To maximize the security boundary between hosts, we recommend that you use a different Windows user group for each BizTalk Host in your BizTalk group.

  • Remove the installation user from the BizTalk Server Administrators group

    When you install BizTalk Server on a single computer with local groups, the user performing an interactive installation of BizTalk Server is automatically added to the BizTalk Server Administrators group. This allows that user to configure BizTalk Server with the Configuration Manager.

    If the user who installs BizTalk Server will not be administering BizTalk Server, we recommend that you remove this user from the BizTalk Server Administrators group after BizTalk Server is configured.

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