Transform Shape


You can use the Transformshape to move data from one message into another. You specify one or more input messages, one or more output messages, and an XSLT map for the transform. The map assigns message parts from the input messages to message parts in the output messages. You only use transforms in the construction of messages, so your Transform shape always appears inside a Construct Message shape.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

Any source or destination messages in a Transform must be based on a schema.

Use thisTo do this
Input Messages propertySpecify which messages will be the source of the data.
Map Name propertySpecify the name of the XSLT map that will do the transformation.
Output Messages propertySpecify which messages will be the destination of the data.
Report to Analyst propertySelect True if you want to make this shape viewable in the Visual Business Analyst Tool.

How to Configure the Transform Shape

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