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Improved Content Discoverability

If you can't find the topic, it doesn't do you any good. You'll find some of the most noticeable changes in this release when looking for information in searching the documentation. Microsoft Document Explorer is designed to make locating and using Help easier and more complete. The following new features are available in this release.

New Full-Text Search Feature

  • The Search window has been replaced by the new Search page. The Search page is not docked with the Contents and Index windows, but instead appears as a separate window. The Search page contains simplified filtering options and displays search results by source. The search engine has also been improved to produce better search results.

Use Online Help Sources

  • Document Explorer allows you to display F1 topics located on MSDN Online and perform searches on Help content located on your computer as well as the Web. You have three locations where Document Explorer can look for Help: local Help installed on your computer, MSDN Online, and Codezone Community Web sites. The first time you access Help, you will be prompted to select your Help source preferences. You can change your Help source preferences at any time from Online, Help, Options Dialog Box.

Help Filters

  • You can now use predefined filters on the table of contents and index. A different custom filter is provided for full-text searches.

For developers who install a Visual Studio product, your initial settings selection determines which filters are applied.

Search Queries

  • You can save Help search queries so you can run the same search query again as needed. These queries appear in the Help Favorites window.

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