SCRM 2006 MOM Views

System Center

The SCRM 2006 presentation database (SystemCenterPresentation) contains the following SQL views for the MOM 2005 data collected by SCRM 2006.

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SCRM 2006 SCRS_AlertFact_View

Lists all MOM alerts currently in the SCRM presentation database.
SCRM 2006 SC_AlertHistoryFact_View

Stores a copy of an alert at a point in time when the alert was modified, either by a user or by MOM
SCRM 2006 SCRS_AlertLevelDimension_View

Lists alert severity levels.
SCRM 2006 SC_AlertResolutionStateDimension_View

Lists an alert resolution state.
SCRM 2006 SC_ClassAttributeDefinitionDimension_View

Lists attribute definitions.
SCRM 2006 SC_ClassAttributeInstanceFact_View

Lists class instance attributes.
SCRM 2006 SC_ClassDefinitionDimension_View

Lists information about the extensible classes, or types, that can be defined in MOM 2005.
SCRM 2006 SC_ClassInstanceFact_View

Lists class instances.
SCRM 2006 SCRS_ComputerDimension_View

Lists computers.
SCRM 2006 SCRS_ComputerRuleDimension_View

Lists a computer discovery rule.
SCRM 2006 SC_ComputerRuleToProcessRuleGroupFact_View

Associates rule groups to computer rules.
SCRM 2006 SC_ComputerToComputerRuleFact_View

Associates rules with managed computers.
SCRM 2006 SC_CounterDetailDimension_View

Describes the performance counter used by a performance rule.
SCRM 2006 SC_EventDetailDimension_View

Lists event properties beyond those found in the SCRM 2006 SC_EventFact_View.
SCRM 2006 SC_EventFact_View

Lists the events that MOM either collects or generates.
SCRM 2006 SC_EventTypeDimension_View

Lists the type, or severity, of an event.
SCRM 2006 SC_ProcessRuleDimension_View

Lists MOM rules.
SCRM 2006 SC_ProcessRuleMembershipFact_View

Associates rule groups to management groups.
SCRM 2006 SC_ProcessRuleToConfigurationGroupDimension_View

Associates rules to response scripts
SCRM 2006 SC_ProcessRuleToScriptFact_View

Lists instances of the data providers that are used by rules.
SCRM 2006 SC_ProviderDetailDimension_View

Lists instances of the data providers that are used by rules.
SCRM 2006 SC_RelationshipAttributeDefinitionDimension_View

Lists relationship attribute definitions.
SCRM 2006 SC_RelationshipDefinitionDimension_View

Lists the different relationships that exist between objects in MOM
SCRM 2006 SC_RelationshipInstanceFact_View

Lists instances of relationships between two MOM items.
SCRM 2006 SC_SampledNumericDataFact_View

Lists performance counter data that has been collected by MOM performance rules.
SCRM 2006 SC_ScriptDimension_View

Lists MOM response scripts.
SCRM 2006 SC_ScriptToConfigurationGroupDimension_View

Associates a script to the management group it belongs to.
SCRM 2006 SC_UserDimension_View

Lists user accounts.

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