BizTalk Adapters Authorization Requirements

Commerce Server 2007
For the latest version of Commerce Server 2007 Help, see the Microsoft Web site.

The BizTalk adapters that are provided with Commerce Server, also known informally as the Commerce Server adapters, use the Web services provided by the Commerce Server Orders, Catalog (and Inventory), and Profiles systems to interact with these systems. The account under which the Commerce Server adapters run needs to be granted sufficient access to these Web services. By default, the account under which the Commerce Server adapters run is the same as the account under which the BizTalk Server host instance runs. In this default scenario, you need to make sure that this account is granted sufficient access to the Commerce Server Web services that correspond to the adapters you are using. For information about how to grant Web service access to a particular account, see Adding Windows Users to the Authorization Policy Roles.


The Inventory adapter shares the Catalog Web service with the Catalog adapter. The Orders adapter uses the Orders Web service and the Profiles adapter uses the Profiles Web service.

An alternative approach is to use the transport properties Web Service Username and Web Service Password, which are configurable for each adapter endpoint, to provide an alternative user account that the adapters will use to interact with the Commerce Server Web services. Of course, the specified account will need to have sufficient access to the required Web services.