This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

<keyExchangeFormatters> Element

Specifies the types available to security token managers that can take a key and place it within a SOAP message according to a specific cryptographic algorithm.

<microsoft.web.services3> Element
  <security> Element
    <cryptography> Element

  <add uri type />



Child Elements

Element Description

<add> Element for <keyExchangeFormatters>

Makes a type available to WSE that can place a key in a SOAP message according to the specified cryptographic format.

Parent Elements

Element Description

<cryptography> Element

Specifies the cryptographic algorithms and settings used to sign and encrypt SOAP messages.

Most applications are not required to use the <keyExchangeFormatters> element to modify the default set of key exchange formatters.

The following code makes the AES128 key exchange formatter available to security token managers in the current application.

          <add uri=""
               type="Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.Cryptography.AES128KeyExchangeFormatter" />