Overview of WSE

Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET (WSE) is a .NET class library for building Web services using the latest Web services protocols, including WS-Security, WS-SecureConversation, WS-Trust, and WS-Addressing. WSE allows you to add these capabilities at design time using code or at deployment time through the use of a policy file.

The topics in this section describe the concepts and techniques that allow you to build Web services using the latest Web services protocols.

In This Section

WSE Architecture

Provides a high-level graphical view of how WSE works.
Major Features of WSE

Summarizes the main features of WSE.
Securing a Web Service

Describes how to secure a SOAP message exchange between a client and a Web service using policy assertions.
Common Application Scenarios that can be Secured by WSE

Describes a set of common distributed application scenarios, which use Web services, that can be secured using Turnkey Security Assertions. WSE is extensible, so it can be used to secure other scenarios too.

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