Programming with WSE

The Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET (WSE) provides access to features specified in the XML Web services architecture, also known as the Web services specifications, by building on the programming model for Web services created using ASP.NET.

In This Section

Migrating Applications from WSE 2.0 to 3.0

Details how to migrate applications that use WSE 2.0 to WSE 3.0
Creating a WSE-enabled Web Service

Details how to WSE features for a Web service.
Creating a WSE-enabled Web Service Client

Details how to WSE features for a Web service client.
Advanced Security In WSE

Details how to apply security to a distributed application that uses Web services without using the Turnkey Security Assertions
Sending and Receiving SOAP Messages Using WSE Messaging API

Details the alternative method provided by WSE to send and receive SOAP messages using the SoapClient and SoapService API.
Routing SOAP Messages with WSE

Details how to configure the WSE router to transparently delegate SOAP messages to the appropriate Web server or another router.
Deploying a WSE-Enabled Application

Describes how to install WSE with your application.