Provisioning the TUI Application (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The TUI application provides three options for provisioning the phone, explained in the bulleted list in this topic. In this context, "provisioning" means retrieving the settings the phone requires for communication.

If your phone is not provisioned, you can access the phone's settings from the interface by choosing Settings on the home screen, and then choosing Configuration Settings.

If your phone is already provisioned, you can view or change the settings by choosing Menu, choosing Phone Settings, and then choosing Configuration Settings.

In either case, the resulting screen displays the current phone settings.

The TUI uses the TUISettings class to manage configuration settings, including those related to provisioning the phone. In the default implementation, much of the provisioning information is then provided by the VAIL configuration data store, through the IVoIPConfigurationDataStore interface.

The first line on the Configuration Settings screen, Settings Mode, specifies which of the current provisioning modes the application is using:

  • Manual. Users enter the settings manually within the TUI application, using the telephone keypad.
  • Server. Retrieves the settings from an LDAP-compliant server.

    The LDAP server can be specified in the image or looked up dynamically depending on the user's Windows credentials (entered using the TUI Windows Logon screen). For more information about how this option works, in detail, see IVoIPConfigurationDataStore::UpdateSettingsFromServer.

  • XML File. Retrieves the settings from an XML file located in the Windows (or debugging release) directory on the device.

    The file must contain XML code that follows the example in Configuration Data Store Example XML. For details about how this option works, including how to retrieve the file from a release directory on a debugger-enabled run-time image, see IVoIPConfigurationDataStore::UpdateSettingsFromFile.

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