InkDivisionType Enumeration

InkDivisionType Enumeration

Defines values for the structural types within the IInkDivisionResult object.



typedef enum InkDivisionType {
    IDT_Segment = 0,
    IDT_Line = 1,
    IDT_Paragraph = 2,
    IDT_Drawing = 3

[Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0]

Enum InkDivisionType
    IDT_Segment = 0
    IDT_Line = 1
    IDT_Paragraph = 2
    IDT_Drawing = 3
End Enum


The following tables list the enumeration values.

SegmentA recognition segment.
LineA line of handwriting that contains one or more recognition segments.
ParagraphA block of strokes that contains one or more lines of handwriting.
DrawingInk that is not text.

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